Highster Mobile

highstermobileIf you are suspicious with your business partner or feel cheated by your partner, you might consider installing Highster Mobile. This mobile spy program is not only powerful but also easy to use. You can check the text messages, call recordings, call logs on the target phone to your email or cell phone. Get them and spy your target phone easily.

Highster Mobile offers some abilities for you including listening to the actual calls, listening to the phones surroundings by activating its microphone, reading SMS or text messages, viewing emails, and much more. The program also allows you to know the exact location of the mobile phone anywhere it is.


To install the program, you will not need to face any difficulty since it can be done fast and easy. You can install the program in some ways. First is by using the OTA or over the air links which you type into the phones web browser. It is also possible for you to scan the QR code of the application with the sell phone barcode scanner. Another option you can do is transferring the files from computer to the cell phone with USB cable or Bluetooth connection. After installing the program, the information about the target phone will be sent to your email or cell phone. The information can also be sent to online web account.

When you are installing Highster Mobile, you will be able to read every text message which is received and sent by the target phone. You can view the message from your own phone immediately. You can see the text messages immediately despite if the messages have been deleted from the target phone.

This mobile spy program also allows you to record every phone call. The feature will record the phone call from the beginning until they are hanging up. These conversations are sent to email address or online web account. The program will record the conversations in popular formats allowing you to playback the conversation quickly and easily. The recorded call messages are including the date of recorded call, time call was recorded, downloadable audio file, the size of the audio file, and date and time audio file sent.

By installing Highster Mobile, you can see the picture and also video which is taken and recorded by the target phone. When the target phone takes the photo and videos, they will be sent directly to the email address which you include during installation process. You can save these pictures and videos to your computer, USB flash drive, or DVD. Choose the most convenient option for you.

Highster Mobile allows you to listen to the surroundings since it has the mic bug which will activate the phones microphone secretly. Another feature available in the product is GPS tracking which will track target phone in real time on real map. You can know the location of the target anytime and anywhere. It is also possible for you to know the call history of the target phone. The installation process is done in less than minutes.

The users will be able to know when the target phone is changing SIM due to the SIM Change Notification. You will get SMS when the target phone changes his or her SIM. Another advantage offered by Highster Mobile is live 24/7 Customer Support. Call them if you have problems with the program.

Feature Summary

  • Call recording
  • Text message reading
  • Microphone activation
  • GPS tracking
  • Call log export
  • View pictures and videos
  • Listen to live calls
  • Listen to voicemails
  • Read every email

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